Revolutionize Your Customer Experience: 4 Essential Digital Transformation Strategies

Looking to stay ahead of the curve? It is time to digitize your customer experience. In the age of technology, staying relevant requires adapting and innovating to meet your clients’ current needs—right now, that means infusing your online presence with personality. Today we aren’t just talking about hosting zoom meetings, having an online portal or using e-signatures, we’re going deeper – let’s learn how to keep your brand’s personality throughout the client journey. With everything going online, we don’t want to have static experience for our clients. Let’s get started.

Include Personal Videos in Proposals

I’m not saying record a new video for every client you get, but simply having a video of you explaining the next steps adds the perfect personal touch to this proposal document. This will significantly enhance the client’s perception of your firm or business. A short video explaining the proposal or the next steps and how they are benefiting from them adds a personal touch that written documents cannot match. This also allows the client to put a face to the name at an early stage, helping build a personal relationship. This strategy will set your business apart, making your proposal more memorable and engaging. For instance, I recorded a video and used Canva to splice it together with an introductory graphic, showcasing who Novii is.

Utilize Custom PDF Documents in Canva for Brand Continuity

Canva is an exceptionally user-friendly design tool capable of elevating your business’s professional image with custom images or PDFs. Whether it be for your proposal documents, a welcome to your business pamphlet, reports and more, these documents allow the client to feel like you took the time to create something for them. In the service-based industry, ensuring that deliverables are visually appealing is crucial, demonstrating that we not only offer outstanding service but also produce work that is aesthetically pleasing on paper. These documents can include your brand’s color scheme, logo, and fonts to ensure your brand traverses more than just your website! A well-designed, branded PDF document not only makes your client feel welcome, but also reinforces your firm’s identity. This approach shows attention to detail and a commitment to providing a professional and cohesive client experience.

Team Introductions Through Video

We’ve all received emails like ‘Hi Novii, I would like to introduce you to Jason…’—but would you really consider that a true introduction? Allowing our clients to meet the team face to face is important to us, however the digital world is becoming the new way to meet. Utilizing technology to stay up to date means meeting over the web! This could mean having everyone in the team on the kickoff call, but sometimes the time does not allow a perfect line-up. That is why at Novii we utilize Loom, a video recording platform that makes sharing videos easy! Simply having a team member record an introduction to who they are, what they will be providing to that client, and more about themselves allows the client to feel confident in their abilities. You can include these clips in welcome emails, or even on your website, helping clients feel more connected to the individuals handling their accounts. It humanizes digital interaction and builds trust from the outset.

Video Explanations

In our case, complex financial concepts or procedures can often be challenging for clients to understand. Now, in the digital age—trying to explain those concepts over email becomes even more challenging. Video explanations using Loom can demystify these topics, providing clear and concise information. Whether it’s walking through a tax document, explaining a service process, or providing updates on financial regulations, video explanations can enhance comprehension and engagement. Clients always appreciate the effort to simplify complex information, fostering a relationship based on trust and transparency.


Digitizing the customer experience transcends technological upgrades; it’s about enriching the client journey through personalized, engaging, and professional interactions. By customizing branded documents and incorporating personal videos in many ways, you can significantly enhance the digital client experience for your business. These strategies not only streamline communication but also build a stronger, more personalized connection with each client, setting the foundation for long-term loyalty and satisfaction.  


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